Before The Hair Transplantation Operation Starts

Before The Operation Starts

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If you would like to try and do hair transplantation in Turkey, but how you may try this since you don’t have any idea about the method of the procedure? Then by reading this text you’ll learn everything you would like to grasp to before the operation starts.

If you recognize anyone who have had hair transplantation in Turkey before , then you’ll directly get information about the method by asking all the questions you have got. But if you are doing not know anyone near that had done a plantation in Turkey before, then who you’ll ask? There are alot of a rare flow of knowledge on the net. you’ll be able to find many resources about hair transplantation. However, it can’t say that each one of those sources contain correct information. for Hair transplantation in Turkey, detailed information about cosmetic surgery or dental treatment so as to possess please contact us.

Hair Transplantation Pre-Operation Process

The patient who is prepared for the operation is enough to fill out the contact form to create a plantation in Turkey. After completing the Contact Form, our specialist patient consultants will contact you and supply you with all the detailed information about the method.

Contact us to be told the benefits of getting an operation in Este Pearl and acquire personalized expert advice about your operation.

After receiving a briefing after Contacting us, you simply need to come to Turkey for the operation. once you come to Turkey for the operation our clinic staff will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. When the operation day arrives, we’ll take you from your hotel to our hospital.

When the operation finish, we are going to take you back to your hotel. Call us to possess the simplest operational experience with our full packages including transfer and accommodation.

To Begin With

Before the operation start, you ought to allow us to know explicitly whether or not you have got any medical problems and if so what reasonably medications you’re using. this can be important to proceed before the hair transplantation takes place. except for that, if you’re hunting any medical problems, please kindly consult to your doctor and find permission about your hair transplant surgery. Your Health is our first priority.

Medications You Are Taking

Once you cleared out true together with your primary doctor, stop taking any medications which may thinning your blood and increase the likelihood of bleeding during surgery.

we want to let our doctors know if you have got any medical conditions otherwise you are taking any new medications since your initial consultation with the doctor.

This may help the doctor choose the foremost suitable medications during your hair transplant surgery which will not interact together with your existing medications. Like we said before, your health is our first priority.

Two Days Before FUE / DHI

Avoid Alcohol

Please keep yourself faraway from alcohol two days before the particular operation starts. Because alcohol poses adverse reaction with the medications you’ll be taking during the hair transplantation surgery. Therefore, it’s very crucial to prevent drinking alcohol a minimum of two days before the hair transplant surgery.

Avoid Smoking

We know that it’s difficult to prevent smoking especially if you’re addicted thereto. But cigarettes, too, have and adverse affect on your health when combined with the medications you’re taking during the operation. Technically speaking, smoking causes blood vessels to constrict and thereby decrease the blood flow to the scalp.

In additions thereto, you ought to also keep yourself faraway from smoking for a minimum of three days after the hair transplant operation.

Hair Care

You will not need any special hair preparation before the particular operation takes place. Because your hair on the donor area which is largely the rear of your head are trimmed with a clipper to the length of 1mm on the day of hair transplantation surgery. This short cut will allow our doctors to possess the simplest access in addition as easy removal and replacement of the grafts. it’s better to trim the complete scalp which makes it easier to reap and Implant the grafts.

The Day Of Operation

Dress in Comfort

It is vital to own a snug dress on you during the operation day because may take about 5-8 hours counting on the amount of grafts to place on your head.

Therefore, you want to dress very comfortably. So please avoid any reasonably dress which will touch the grafts. For this reason we recommmend you to decorate a shirt that has no possibility of touching and dislodging of grafts.

Take Shower

You should take shower and wash your hair during the morning before visiting hospital. Use your regular shampoo and avoid using gels and materials like that.


Please enjoy your breakfast at the highest floor of Great Fortune Hotel within the morning of the operation day.

we’ll also provide you with lunch at the hospital. However, It important to notice that anything associated with coffee. That’s why should avoid before the operation since they need adverse effect with the sedations. You may have during the hair transplant surgery.

Family and Friends

You can after all take one or two members of the family or friends with you to the hospital. However, please note that they can not enter the operation room because of the foundations of hospital.

they’ll wait you within the lounge. But, they’ll see you for a brief time if allowed.

We still provide the simplest service to our patients with successful operations with our expert team. Este Pearl are going to be particularly inquisitive about you before and after the operation. Fill out the contact form to perform your operation here.

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