Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant without Shaving

It is clear that hair transplant is that the first surgery that each bald person or partially bald person provoke. Apparently, Turkey is one amongst the leading countries in hair transplant business. By using FUE-unshaved method, your hair won’t be shaved before the surgery.

The hair loss in men typically starts within the front side of the top and so slowly it continues with the highest of the pinnacle and at last the entire side hair loss takes place over the pinnacle. this can be how it normally proceeds. By this token, it’s possible to use FUE method without shaving the hair and plant the strands to essential areas.

Main Difference between Hair Transplant with Shaving and without Shaving

Basically, the Unshaven hair transplant method focuses on people that has NOT lost a considerably big area of their hair. it’s more suitable for patients who has particular loss hair on their heads. However, on the opposite hand, if an individual has lost a considerably big area on their head, it’s then imperative to possess the sculp shaved. in an exceedingly nutshell, it’s up to how big the hair loss it in an exceedingly particular area of the top.

Post Operation Care After The Unshaven Hair Transplant Operation

What is visiting happen after the hair transplant surgery is analogous to the opposite hair transplant methods. that’s to mention, the patients will carefully be taken care by their doctors and learn about the aftermath of the operation. The doctor will tell the patient a way to protect and wash his head. Needless to worry, it’s compulsory to follow what doctor orders for your health.

Expectedly, new hairs will start growing between 3 to six months. But, full performance will consider a couple of year. So, you’ve got to wait and see, but the result will worthwhile !

What is Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Normally, all hair are shaved for the hair transplant. As may be understood from its name, unshaved hair transplant is that the present hair of the person isn’t shaved while hair transplant is completed. Hair transplants made with this method are most preferred by women. This method may be preferred by men who want their hair to not be shaved during the operation.

This method of hair transplant, which is preferred by people who hesitate in their next image in hair transplant and who don’t want to seem without hair, has become highly regarded in recent years. Haircuts by women with long hair are often undesirable. Because it takes time for the hair to own its former length after being cut.

Hair transplant is an operation which will be through with over one technique. With the event of technology, hair transplant techniques and tools utilized in these techniques have improved. Although the techniques used for hair transplant are different, the operation process is nearly the identical.

Hair roots to be transplanted within the operation are taken from the donor area. so as for these hair follicles to be collected, the donor area must be shaved. this will be annoying especially for girls.

Unshaved hair transplant is good for those that want to transplant hair but don’t want to possess their haircut.

Who is Suitable for Unshaved Hair Transplant?

In shaving-free hair transplant, as in other techniques, hair doesn’t have to be shaved. this method is generally preferred for hair transplant to the front hairline and temple areas. Unshaved hair transplant is split into two in itself. Partial unshaven plantation and completely unshaven transplant.

Unshaved hair transplant is an operation where experience and expertise are important. For this reason, the clinic where the operation are going to be performed and therefore the team which will perform the operation are vital. like the other technique employed in hair transplant, it should be applied if it’s deemed appropriate by the expert within the unshaved hair transplant technique. Contact us to work out if you’re an appropriate candidate for unshaved hair transplant. Let’s prepare the foremost suitable hair transplant plan for you with our expert team.

Why Is Hair Shaved?

In normal hair transplant, the patient’s hair is shaved before the operation. this can be because the hair transplant doctor and team can see the hair follicles better and their mobility within the area to be transplanted is softer.

Hair follicles within the donor region make difficult the employment of the device. Therefore, the hair of the patient is shaved before the operation in order that the hair transplant team can work more comfortably.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • Since it provides camouflage after hair transplant, the image of hair transplant is hidden.
  • The person doesn’t lose their long hair.
  • Adaptation to everyday life is quicker.
  • The recovery is incredibly fast.
  • It prevents women from anticipating months for his or her hair to grow back.
  • Ideal for people who doesn’t want to grant up the hairstyle that exists after the operation.
  • The donor area can easily hide the image that may occur until the world heals.
  • Men who use their hair long don’t must have their hair cut.

Disadvantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Dissolves longer than shaved hair transplant because hair transplant requires a more careful and meticulous application so as to not damage the present hair.
It should be treated way more carefully after the operation.
The price is beyond other hair transplants because it takes longer and is more laborious than other operations.

Unshaved Hair Transplant Costs

Unshaved hair transplant costs are costlier than normal hair transplant prices. Especially in hair transplants that are completely unshaved, the value may increase even more. this is often because unshaved hair transplant requires more effort and time. it’s also reflected within the prices that the operation takes longer and is tougher. one more reason for the high prices is that the appliance isn’t performed in every hair transplant clinic.

Este Pearl successfully carries out unshaved hair transplant operations. you’ll be able to contact us for more detailed information about unshaved hair transplant

Again, the costs of the operation vary consistent with various factors. the scale of the world to be transplanted is one amongst the factors affecting the value. Prices can also vary betting on the specialist who will perform the operation. Therefore, the technique within which the procedure are going to be performed. Additionally, prices vary from country to country and from city to city. Contact us to debate unshaved hair transplant prices.

Unshaven Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is that the leading country within the world in hair transplant. Concerning the unshaved hair transplant, in Turkey, prices are quite affordable. For this reason, the amount of individuals who came to Turkey for hair removal and restoration only from other countries has increased with each passing day. the foremost preferred city in Turkey, where the doctors are very experienced is Istanbul. you’ll be able to also enjoy the historical beauties of town while you stay here while having unshaved hair transplant in Istanbul.

Specialist doctors and state-of-the-art tools are employed in Este Pearl, which successfully performs all hair transplant techniques. you’ll also contact us if you’re progressing to have a hair transplant in our center and wish to own detailed information about Istanbul and unshaven hair transplant prices.

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