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Facelift surgery in Turkey is a well-liked choice among many male and feminine individuals looking to enhance the looks of their face and reduce signs of facial aging.

Facelift Candidates

In general, good candidates for a facelift in Turkey include:

  • Healthy individuals who don’t have medical conditions that impair healing
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

Facelift Recovery

Following completion of a facelift, a bandage could be placed around your face to reduce swelling and bruising. Small tubes could also be present to draw off any excess blood or fluid.

You will tend specific instructions on the way to care of your self after the procedure, medications to use or take orally, specific concerns to seem for your general health, and when to follow up along with your surgeon.


What is Facelift and How it’s Done?

Usually, after the age of fifty, the skin of the face starts to grow. Excess skin starts to wrinkle over time. Facelift surgery is to get rid of this excess skin and tighten the skin.

If you think that of the skin as a material, you’ll understand the logic of facelift surgery better. Imagine that this fabric is great for the pillow you cover. Then what does one do? you narrow the surplus and throw it away, right?

Facelift surgeries have many technical details. In facelift surgery, the surplus skin on the cheek is removed by cutting at the border where the cheek and ear meet. This surgery may be a good treatment method especially for those within the neck.

The surgery are often done under anaesthesia. However, anaesthesia is additionally performed for patients depends on the case.

The operation time is on the average 2 – 4 hours.

If you pull your cheeks towards your ears, the image you may get causes you to have a concept about your image after this surgery.

Will There Be A Trace After The Facelift?

In surgery, cuts are made ahead of and behind the ear. Therefore, some traces may remain in these areas. If the incision made before the ear is well-versed the ear, the bulk of the leave remains inside the ear. during this way, the scar ahead of the ear is sort of invisible.

You may think that there’s no scar left within the cuts made into the scalp, since the scar won’t be visible thanks to the hair. The scar left after a good facelift surgery will be uncertain.


What is Mini Facelift?

If the cuts made within the surgery are done only within the ear and therefore the stretching process is low, this can be called mini facelift surgery. This surgery is performed for people that don’t experience excessive skin sagging. The healing process is quicker than the full facelift surgery.

Does Facelift Solve All Aging Problems?

After the facelift, the sagging skin is tightened. The operation has almost no effect on the mid-facial region. If you have got skin sagging down the cheeks, if face lifting surgery is performed with endoscopic midface surgery, better results are going to be obtained.

Process After Facelift Surgery

  • Postoperative swelling on the face and bruises on the neck could also be seen. most of those pass within per week.
  • There is no must be hospitalized after the operation. However, the day after the surgery should come to the hospital again. Because the drains installed must be removed.
  • It is recommended to rest reception for the primary few days after the operation. you’ll return to figure after about 1 week.
  • Usually it is washed on the 3rd day after surgery.
  • Stitches made before of the ear are taken on the 5th day, stitches on the rear of the ear and scalp are taken on the 7th day.
  • Mild pain may occur within the first days after the operation. you’ll be able to use painkillers given by the doctor for these pains.
  • It is recommended to avoid heavy sports for about 3 weeks after surgery.
  • The face takes its final shape some weeks after surgery. But you’ll feel stiffness before of your ear after you touch it. These hardnesses disappear in about 3 months.


Side Effects and Risks of Facelift Surgery

The possibility of severe bleeding after facelift surgery is near zero. However, possible blood accumulation can create aesthetic problems. For this reason, a hose that absorbs fluid accumulation under the skin should be attached after the operation.

Infection is one in every of the rare side effects seen after surgery. If the operation is performed during a sterile environment and also the patient pays attention to hygiene after the operation, there’s almost no possibility of infection.

Smoking increases the risks that will occur after surgery. During the operation, the skin is removed in a very thin layer. it’s thought that the blood circulation in it’ll be sufficient to nourish the skin. However, the skin might not get enough blood circulation as smoking clogs the capillaries. If the skin doesn’t have enough blood circulation, it starts from the side near the ear and turns black – purple. this suggests that there’s a scar during this region and delay in recovery. Therefore, smoking should be interrupted for ages before surgery.

After facelift surgery, numbness and a few hair loss within the scalp is one among the rare side effects.


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