Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair Transplant In Turkey

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Nowadays, the first concern of men is losing their hairs. If you’re close to lose your hairs or already lost a substantial a part of it, it’s time to schedule a visit to Turkey to own hair transplant. we offer you the chance to possess a full haired head through hair transplantation with good quality of service at a bargaining price.

Apparently, Turkey is that the flagship country of its kinds for hair transplantation. As reported by Independent newspaper and Washington post, monthly approximately 5000 patients visit Turkey to possess hair transplant surgery and also the market price is about 1 billion dollar.

Quality And Expertise

FUE, aka Follicular Unit Extraction, may be a newly found hair transplant technique that has regularly been employed in Turkey for an extended period of your time. In effect, the exploration of this method, FUE, has began in Turkey long before than EU and US. within the light of this fact, it’s clear that Turkısh doctors has an exceeding experience compared to their counterparts. Our doctors has been exercising and practising hair transplant techniques since early 2000s.

In our cosy and relaxing clinics and hospitals, our teams of doctors and nurses who are professional, experienced and knowledgeable on their fields will quarantee the simplest customer service from commencing to end.

We Are Budget-friendly

With a touch little bit of research on the web, you may encounter with uncountably many hair transplant websites. as an example, in UK it’ll cost you up to 10000GBP and its even dearer in US! the costs are supported the amount of hairs that may be transplanted and it differs from min 4000GBP to 10000GBP betting on the quantity of hairs. However, the surgery in Turkey is considerably cheaper than US and UK. I.e, the typical cost of 1 single hair transplant will cost you from 1000GBP up to 3000GBP betting on the quantity of hairs.

Percutaneous Technique

In hair transplantation procedure, very small “recipient sites” are being made to the scalp where the world is bald. Our doctors are a number of the primary doctors who are now employing a newly developed technique namely PERKUTAN.

With this method, there’ll be no incisions but instead by employing a superfine needle of 0.5 mm, our doctors will open a really small hole of this size which is able to lead the patient to possess a best natural appearence with very high density which is approximately 55 grafts per cm. additionally to those, the grafts are going to be harvested with the simplest possible positioning which is suitable for the natural structure.

There are many advantages of FUE when used along with PERKUTAN technique, a number of them are namely ;

  1. As there’s no incisions, there’ll be no scar on the scalp
  2. Pain and also the time for healing are going to be decreased to minimum
  3. Density of grafts are going to be increased to 55 per cm
  4. The hair orientation are controlled
  5. Appearence which is able to be very natural
  6. Possibility of transplanting over 4000 grafts in just one session

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