Trifocal Lens

Trifocal Lens

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What is Trifocal Lens?

Trifocal lenses have 3 foci. due to these foci, the necessity to use glasses is eliminated. Thus, patients can do close, middle and long distance activities without wearing glasses. due to Trifocal lenses, you’ll see every distance without glasses.

The operation is performed in as little as 10 minutes. Patients can go back the identical day.

What Is The Difference Of Trifocal Lenses From Other Lenses?

Trifocal lenses are lenses developed to supply far distance, panorama and sight. What prospect means?; television viewing distance, computer use distance and access distance to the kitchen counter. These lenses allow you to determine clearly in the least distances and to work out uninterrupted at transition distances (mid to close or far to mid range). because of the lens feature, no light scattering or glare is observed in vision.

The UV protection feature of the lens protects it from the harmful effects of sunlight and age-related diseases.

Trifocal Lens

Good Candidates for Trifocal Lenses

  • don’t want to use glasses,
  • Eye structure suitable,
  • Having trouble seeing far or near,
  • Who have cataracts and
  • People whose age is suitable for the operation are suitable candidates for Trifocal lens therapy.

If your eyes are not suitable for Trifocal lenses, there are lenses produced with ‘Edof’ technology that provide clear vision within the far and vista. There also are versions of those lenses specially produced for patients with astigmatism.

Trifocal Lens Prices

All of our surgeries are performed in our fully equipped hospital by expert and experienced surgeons. We use FDA approved Trifocal lenses in our surgeries. All devices and materials we use are prime quality. The materials used and intraocular lenses account for many of the price of our operations.

I don’t want to wear glasses. is that the Trifocal lens an answer for me?

Trifocal lens therapy is an acceptable option for people who don’t want to wear glasses. However, not all people are suitable candidate for this treatment. a close examination is required to work out whether the patient is suitable for treatment. you’ll contact us for this.


You can contact us to get more detailed information about the Trifocal Lens successfully performed in Este Pearl and to learn the prices of Trifocal Lens. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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