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Doctors do not advise hair transplant using body hair and they have all the medical reasons to justify that. Still hair transplants using body hair is possible in the following cases:

  • When hair is so thin in the donor area and thus the donor area is not considered a donor area any more.
  • For final completions in the field of beard, mustache and eyebrows hair transplant procedures
  • To mend the scars in the scalp, usually appear after a hair transplant procedure.

The followed procedure in the field of hair transplant using body hair is extracting follicles from other body parts for the patients who suffer from weakness in their donor areas in the scalp.

In such cases body hair can be used from other body parts like chest, beard, back and legs, and consequently the more body hair density you have the more it makes you eligible for a hair transplant procedure using body hair.

Body Hair Transplantation

Body Hair Transplant is carried out by taking the grafts with hair follicles from the back of the head and transplanting them to the area where there are empty spots. One of the essential factors that guarantee a good outcome in micro FUE hair transplantation is the transplanted area’s density.
If the transplanted hair density is not sufficient, although all other factors are favourable, there may be no satisfactory results.
There may not be enough hair density in the back of the head/donor area for the desired amount of grafts in the people with intense hair loss. At this point, body hair transplant/Transplantation method is applied. This method involves the transplantation of hair grafts taken from the person’s chest, back or beard.

Body Hair Transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia with the FUE hair transplantation method. The eligibility of the person’s chest area for this procedure is determined by examination. A satisfactory outcome can not be obtained by applying this method alone in people with minimal donor area in the nape area.

BHT and Follicular Unit Extraction

The reason that BHT is now a much more accessible hair restoration option is because of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The precise, computer-assisted FUE we perform to remove donor hair follicles from the scalp does not leave behind linear scars. Such scars were one of the main downsides to BHT that long limited its appeal.

In an FUE procedure, we harvest selected follicular units, precisely removing them from the donor area with an image-guided 0.8-1-millimeter circular tool. We extract the follicles in a scattered pattern, leaving most donor area hair untouched so that it retains its original natural appearance. Because the resulting scars are tiny and dot-like, the donor area on patients who undergo a hair transplant should look unscathed.
Now, using FUE, we can similarly harvest hair from other body areas without leaving behind a visible, unattractive scar. We can leverage the advantages of FUE either alone or in conjunction with scalp hair in advanced cases of baldness, for improving the aesthetic appearance of hairlines, and in scarring alopecia when there is an insufficient amount of donor scalp hair.

We Many Consider BHT a Good Option for You if:

You are relatively hirsute with adequate terminal hairs over your beard, chest, legs, arms, and other body parts.

Your androgenetic alopecia is in an advanced stage and the donor hair on your scalp is inadequate to provide complete or sufficient coverage.
You have exhausted available scalp donor hair in a previous restoration surgery, with inadequate coverage of existing bald areas requiring more follicular units.

When Is Body Hair Transplant Necessary?

Body hair transplant is a supportive method for a hair transplant when:

  • The donor area on the scalp cannot provide enough healthy hair grafts.
  • The balding area is large and requires a large number of grafts to be covered which is not possible to be harvested from the nape.
  • In such cases, the medical team harvests hair follicles from the beard, chest, legs, or other parts of the body which can provide healthy hair follicles.

Should I Avoid Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is generally a risky and technically difficult procedure that requires to be performed by a highly skilled and experienced medical team. If your surgeon is a well-trained and experienced medical doctor, who has performed successful body hair transplants before, you can trust them to perform it for you if it is identified to be necessary. Unless your surgeon is a highly trained and experienced doctor, you should not undergo a body hair transplant.

Your doctor should analyze your donor area and calculate the number of grafts required for the desired coverage. If it turns out that your donor area on the scalp cannot provide enough hair grafts, your surgeon will suggest using beard or body hair grafts.

How Should an FUE Hair Transplant Be Done?

Traditionally, when a hair transplant is done hair will only be taken from another area of the scalp. Due to this, some patients can’t have a hair transplant due to not having enough donor hair. Using hair that is found on the scalp provides the best and most natural-looking results as the transplanted hair has the same look and characteristics as your natural hair.

If you would like more information on our hair transplant procedures please contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Which Hair Roots Are Used in Hair Transplantation?

The nape region is generally used as a donor when performing hair transplantation. However, there may not be enough donors in this region in every patient.

In this case, the beard, chest and leg areas of the person are examined and donor areas are determined. With its expert teams and the technology it uses, our clinic has advanced solutions as hair transplantation Turkey.

How Much Are Hair Transplant Prices?

Hair transplantation procedures are performed individually. In addition, FUT hair transplant Turkey cost is not equal to FUE. Therefore, prices may vary according to each patient.

The number of grafts to be transplanted to the patients is a situation that affects the prices. Increasing this will also increase the required time. Therefore, if you want to have a hair transplant, you should contact and inform. It offers advanced solutions with its expert teams and advanced technology. Accurate graft counting is done and realistic prices are offered to you.button-demo

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