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We know how important it’s to know what to expect when recovering from breast augmentation surgery. It is overwhelming to give some thought to recovering from surgery and every one the steps you’ll must take. Conversely, it may be easy to easily concentrate on your results and gloss over the important recovery process. For these reasons, it’s important to spend time learning more about your recovery and therefore the different phases within the weeks after breast augmentation. This not only allows you to properly plan your schedule, but helps prevent any unexpected surprises and unnecessary stress. Here’s what to understand about your breast augmentation recovery time.


Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis, and you may return home the day of your procedure. Since you’ll still be under the lingering effects of anesthesia, you’ll must arrange for somebody to drive you home. It’s also important to own someone round the house for the remainder of the day just in case you would like assistance.

You’ll have to get many rest and stay hydrated on this first day of recovery. We recommend that you simply founded a snug recovery area before your procedure. It should include:

  • Extra pillows and blankets for optimal comfort
  • A place to simply access water and snacks without bending over
  • Plenty of entertainment (movies, books, music) to stay you occupied while you relax
  • We recommend that you just prepare some healthy, nutritious meals earlier that you just can easily reheat since you won’t feel up to cooking.
  • You should also fill all prescriptions beforehand in order that they’ll be on-hand once you get home from surgery.



This is typically the foremost uncomfortable phase of your recovery. It’s common to experience:


  • Bruising and swelling round the breasts which is able to gradually subside as you heal
  • Discomfort which might be managed with pain medication
  • Walk. this may facilitate proper blood flow and help prevent blood clots.
  • You should start feeling far better towards the tip of this first week of recovery. Always hear your body and rest if you are feeling you would like to.


During this phase of recovery, you may be ready to gradually resume your regular routine. In general, most ladies are able to return to figure within one to 2 weeks after breast augmentation. If your job requires work or other strenuous physical activity, you will have to take beyond regular time off to make sure your body is sufficiently healed.

Bruising, swelling and discomfort should have substantially subsided by now. Light cardio activities may be incorporated into your routine at this time, but you may still have to refrain from strenuous activities. When resuming exercise, it’s important to begin slow and gradually build up your efforts as your body gets stronger.


By now, you’ll be sufficiently recovered to start adding more strenuous activity back to your routine.
Intense cardio and lower body exercises may be resumed after about four weeks. However, you’ll have to refrain from work and chest exercises until you’re roughly six weeks out of surgery.


It can take as long as three to four months before you’re able to see your final results. this can be thanks to the very fact that it takes time for your breast implants to settle into their proper position and for all residual swelling to subside. While you’ll want to experience your new appearance as soon as possible, it’s important to hold back during this process.

We are recommends waiting to get new bras and bikinis until your final results are visible since your breast size and appearance should still undergo slight changes for several months.

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