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Arm Aesthetics

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The purpose of arm aesthetics is to own a decent arm structure. The gorgeous upper arm and shoulder area is often an indication of youth and athletic build.

Shoulder and arm décolleté are as important because the decollete area of ​​the chest. This area is active. For this reason, an excessive amount of fat doesn’t occur. If the patient is over his ideal weight, there is also fattening. Because of the moving parts of the body like the inner legs, they’re liable to skin loosening. It’s appreciated that the aesthetic arm has as taut skin, sagging and thin as possible.Arm Aesthetics

The thickness of the arm area is reduced by removing fat from this area.

How Is Performed?

Fat removal from the arm area is one among the places where liposuction is most beneficial. During this process, fat may be taken from the inner a part of the arm, from the outer area, even from the shoulder area.

However, so as for the procedure to achieve success, the tightness of the arm skin must be good. If there’s some looseness within the skin, vaser or laser procedure may be applied to tighten the arm skin. These procedures may be performed alone or combined with fat removal from other parts of the body.

If there’s an excessive amount of looseness within the arm skin and skin sagging has occurred, this time, enough thinning and tension within the arm area can’t be achieved without removing the sagging skin. At this stage, arm lift surgery should be performed. Sagging may occur within the arm skin after advanced age or excessive weight gain and weight loss. Sagging of the skin disturbs the patients.


A beautiful arm is athletic from the elbow. It’s a skinny skin. Shoulder muscles are prominent. The lower a part of the arm and also the back of the shoulder are elegant and slim. There’s no oil in these areas.

In some patients, irrespective of what proportion weight they lose, there’s not enough thinning within the arm area. Genetic factors also play a task within the thick upper arm section in these patients. Generally, people with broad shoulders but not very tall have thick arms.

Arm lift surgery could be a skin removal procedure. Like all skin removal procedures, it leaves a scar. If the arm skin is sagging only within the armpit area, it’s possible to get rid of the sagging of this area by removing only the skin from the armpit.

But generally, the sagging starts from the armpit and extends to the elbow area. In these patients, full arm lift surgery should be performed. During this surgery, a stitch scar extending from the armpit to the elbow is made. The stitch scar remains on the within of the arm and isn’t visible from the rear or the front when standing. It takes about six months for this scar to mature and subsided visible.Arm Aesthetics

How Does The Arm Lift Aesthetics Process Work?

Arm lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. It takes about two hours. Before the operation, the standing arms are lifted at the extent of the shoulders and therefore the amount of sagging skin is decided. Drawings are made. During the operation, excess arm skin is removed in keeping with this plan. If there’s excess fat accumulation when necessary, fat tissues are removed. After the operation, the patient stays within the hospital for one night. he’s discharged the subsequent day.

There aren’t any restrictions on the utilization of hands after surgery. It’s normal to own mild swelling within the hands for the primary few days. During this era, the hands are kept slightly elevated while within the lying position.

Arm corset extending from armpit to elbows is worn for 3 weeks postoperatively.

Bathing is allowed three days after surgery. During the postoperative period, the patient feels some tension in his arms. But it’s not painful after surgery. Arm lift surgery is that the only method for removing the sagging arm skin. The results of the surgery are permanent and also the satisfaction rate is high. Therefore, it’s especially recommended for patients who have lost excessive weight or who have excessive sagging arm skin.

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