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Dying your hair after a hair transplant must be done carefully. Every day more and more people undergo a hair transplantation and they usually choose Turkey, because of the hair transplant cost in Turkey being very affordable compared to the same treatment in Europe or USA.

In fact, not only men, but also many women travel to Turkey to receive a treatment to end their problems with alopecia or hair loss and to recover their personal look, and also their self-esteem and self-confidence. However, once the hair begins to grow soon after the transplant sometimes the original grey hair may appear, therefore spoiling the dream of obtaining that renovated look.

It´s specially in these cases when doubts and questions arise: can I use dye after hair grafting? When can I dye transplanted hair? These and other common queries are the ones that we will answer properly in the following lines.

What To Expect After A Hair Transplant?

The first thing to note when it comes to treating your hair after a hair transplant is that your hair will be in a state of recovery. The donor area – where the hair follicles have been grafted from for your hair transplant – will be tender, the grafted hair follicles in the recipient area will be fragile, and you will be closely following aftercare instructions, including how and when to wash your hair.

Can I Dye My Hair Before A Hair Transplant?

If you are planning a hair transplant and you colour your hair regularly or are tempted to dye it, you might be wondering if you can dye your hair before the procedure.
We advise avoiding using hair dye for at least 1 month before a hair transplant. Ideally, if you can avoid using hair dye for longer this is preferable. The main reason is that hair dyes can irritate your hair and scalp which is not ideal before undergoing a surgical procedure.
If you need to dye your hair before having a hair transplant you can explore organic and peroxide-free hair dyes which our Surgeons are able to point you in the direction of prior to your surgical day.

Can You Use Hair Dye After A Hair Transplant?

Yes, you can dye your hair, but only if you do so at the appropriate time. Just after transplantation, it is important to look after the newly inserted grafts, which is why it is not recommended to use substances on the scalp or in the transplanted grafts for at least the 8 weeks after the surgery.
After this time has passed, you can resume your normal hair care routine. Nevertheless, regardless of your hair being transplanted or not, frequent use of toxins found in dye, sprays, and other products, and also plucking from the follicles and head when getting particular haircuts, might end up destroying your hair.

Coloring Your Hair After A Hair Transplant

After the surgery and healing process, when your hair begins to grow naturally, any grey hair that you usually dye will reappear and potentially dampen your new-found self-esteem. Thus, if you are wondering whether you can recolor your hair after a hair transplant, the answer is yes, you can. However, you should remember that your scalp is extremely sensitive and fragile after the surgery. Exposing it to harsh chemicals, bleaching agents, and peroxides might irritate the scalp and impair your newly implanted grafts, thereby hampering the recovery process and the transplanted hair quality. Therefore, it is advised to wait for about four to six weeks before dying or coloring your hair. Over this period, your scalp would have healed considerably, and the implants would be fixed firmly to the root.

The Best Time To Dye Your Hair After A Turkey Hair Transplant

After undergoing a Turkey hair transplant, the restored hair follicles will be more sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals, like bleaching agents, peroxides and dyes for several weeks.
Our physicians advise you to return to your usual hair styling habits four to six weeks after a hair restoration. These habits may include coloring, blow drying, straightening or perming the hair.

It is also recommended to avoid hair styling products such as mousses, gels, and hairspray for minimum one month after a hair transplant operation in Istanbul.

The restored hair follicles are undoubtedly stronger and healthier than your natural hair from the recipient area, however, at the same time, they are more sensitive to chemicals.
Therefore, these newly restored hair follicles should not be exposed to hair coloring and harsh chemicals for at least one month after the surgery.
After these hairs have strongly attached themselves on the recipient site and have developed their own blood supply, it is perfectly safe to begin coloring the transplanted hair, as you usually do with your natural one.button-demo

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