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Does A Hair Mask For Hair Loss Really Work

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Baldness issues are a problem for which one should always seek a proper treatment. Fortunately a lot of options are available nowadays, although finding the right one can be difficult. For example is a hair mask for hair loss efficient or is this cosmetic product intended solely for hair care ? Furthermore what are the effects of nourishing masks and are they efficient against an alopecia ?

What is the actual purpose of a nourishing mask ?

These are high-quality cosmetic products that nourish your hair and provide it with the vital nutrients they need. Those active ingredients penetrate the scalp and reach your hair follicles. The hair structure is also positively influenced by the application and can thus be strengthened.

Hair masks for hair loss are viscous, creamy-looking products for use before shampooing. All in all you must carefully and evenly distribute the application on your scalp in order to optimize its effects.This is done by applying the mask with light massaging movements.

Is a hair mask for hair loss efficient ?

In essence there are no straight answers, as a baldness treatment always depends on the cause. A hair mask can help, provided that the reason for the loss is mainly due to lack of nutrients or the overuse of hair care products.

In the case of androgenetic alopecia, spot baldness or anagen effluvium, a hair mask for hair loss will be inefficient. The fact is that the active ingredients penetrate deep into the scalp and regenerate your hair from the outside.

But in case of a hormonal imbalance, or a severe skin disease even the best hair cosmetics will not be able to stop the occuring hair loss. Especially since most of those issues are damaging your hair follicles from the inside. For that reason those can only be be treated through surgery.

Differences between nourishing masks and conditioners

A hair mask for hair loss is of a thicker texture, very much like hair conditioners. However, the two products differ significantly in terms of composition and exposure time. The main difference resides in the latter, as well as the richness of the active ingredients.

Here, the nourishing mask clearly has the edge since those are made of the highest quality products available in hair cosmetics.

Masks have a deep-acting effect on your hair structure, while hair conditioners only possess a superficial one. By all means a hair mask treatment nourishes your scalp and creates the basis for strong follicles. On the other hand a hair treatment will basically only improve the moisturisation of your scalp.

Which ingredients are the best to stimulate the hair growth ?

Brewer’s yeast, birch water and valuable oils all have a positive effect on hair growth. If you are looking for a product that stimulates the hair, then you should only choose one that contains growth promoting phytochemicals.

The oil from stone pine or cedar nuts, as well as vegetable proteins, amino acids and artificial estrogen are good choices. Whether the nutrient care but also helps against hair loss, remains open despite hair growth promoting effect.

As already mentioned, all this depends on the cause of the baldness issue. In order for the hair mask for hair loss to stimulate and accelerate growth, the follicles in your scalp must be alive and strong.

It’s important to realise that dead follicles can not be regenerated. They have to be replaced by transplanting new ones on the bald spots.

How do I use a hair mask for hair loss ?

Above all, it is essential to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Most nourishing masks are applied before shampooing and rinsed after at least 20 to 30 minutes. Bear in mind that only a few products are suitable for use after shampooing.

On the packaging you will find all information about the application, the exposure time and the composition of the product. It is important that the hair is clean and slightly damp. Indeed, hair that is moist absorbs the active ingredients much better than dry ones.

For heavily damaged hair or when applying a hair mask for hair loss, it is advisable to extend the exposure time. Usually up to a whole night once or twice a week.

Advantages and disadvantages of a nourishing mask at a glance

If you opt for a hair mask for hair loss, the biggest disadvantage is the long exposure time. This is a challenge especially because you have to sleep with the mask applied for it to be efficient.

This, off course, depends on your personal attitude towards cosmetic hair care and with baldness issues. Plus the product will not work on a shimmering scalp or already visible bald spots, as only a hair transplant will help in that case.

A hair mask for hair loss favours growth but cannot treat all the type of alopecia

Even though a nourishing hair mask stimulates hair growth, its effectiveness is unfortunately limited. In reality new hair can only grow from living follicles, which makes even the best products inefficient on a bald head. If you are looking for an effective baldness treatment, then there is only one solution.

The FUE hair transplant has a success rate of 95 percent and cures almost all the types of alopecia. This hair surgery technique allows to treat the hair loss cause from its roots and not just tackle the symptom.

Using a hair mask for hair loss will only have a preventive effect. In spite of its positive effect on hair growth, it is no miracle cure. All in all only a hair surgery will make your bald spots disappear.

To conclude the first thing to do when you see your hair falling, is to get a professional advice. A capillary diagnostic is paramount in order to determine the type of alopecia and finding the proper treatment to cure it.

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