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Look no further than your favourite 90s series to work out how dramatically the eyebrow trend has changed over the years. From light pencil arch to thick eyebrows, the “ideal” brow continues to develop. In recent years, complete but preserved eyebrow aesthetics have emerged, and temporary and semi-permanent treatments like brow lamination and microblading have emerged to feature volume and shape. But what if you’re trying to find a more permanent solution to boost your eyebrow shape and size? Then eyebrow transplant will facilitate your.
The eyebrow hair transplant procedure is becoming increasingly popular, but some people don’t fully understand the method. Today we are visiting cover the complete eyebrow transplant process from pre-treatment to post-treatment and everything in between.Eyebrow

What is an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant could be a procedure the same as a hair transplant that’s wont to restore your eyebrows. The method works by taking donor hair from the scalp and grafting it into the eyebrows to form them fuller. There are two hair restoration methods you’ll choose from:
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): With this feature, individual hairs are transplanted from the donor site using manual punching, or robotic techniques. Benefits include less linear scarring and more leisurely recovery, although longer removal times and shorter hair can affect transplant quality.
Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): A bit of hair (usually from the rear of the head) is cut, and a follicle is transplanted to form a replacement and better brow shape. The cutting process is quicker than FUE, and also the collected hair is longer, which may aid in planting (the length allows you to work out curls). However, it should be noted that this system produces linear scars and typically longer recovery times. the choice between FUT and FUE, as per certified surgeon at our clinic is that it depends on the case.

What Are the Stages of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Another significant aspect of brow transplants is stages of the operation. If you’re visiting have this surgery and you wish to own beautiful and well-shaped eyebrows, you must choose a hair transplant clinic or centre that’s fully equipped and has the mandatory certificates. It’d help if you probably did not make concessions about this matter because it is important for your health.

Stages of Eyebrow Transplant Operation:

This requires developing a customized operation plan supported the unique needs of the patient. Eyebrow transplantation operation consists of 4 stages.

  • Consultation and Planning
  • Extraction of Grafts
  • Transplanting the grafts
  • Recovery/Follow-up

Four steps of eyebrow transplant:
Since a median of 200 to 300 grafts is required for an eyebrow transplant, the procedure usually takes about 2-3 hours. These are the three steps to require on the day and also the next one the day after the operation. Below could be a brief description of those steps:
Consultation and planning: The planning of the eyebrows is set during the physical examination. During this phase, the doctor develops an operation plan that takes into consideration the facial expression and individual needs of the patient. The doctor will assess the recipient area and hair from the donor area.Eyebrow
Graft Extraction: This can be the primary phase of surgery. You’ll take donor grafts using the unshaved method usually used on people with long hair. the little number of grafts required also makes this procedure easy to perform. Graft harvesting using the unshaven method only requires shaving atiny low area on the rear of the pinnacle. (So ​​the “unshaved” a part of the term refers to the actual fact that the remainder of your hair covers atiny low shaved area. The shaved area where the graft was extracted isn’t visible to others.) When removing hair follicles. Only individual hair is removed while other transplant procedures prioritize multiple hair transplants. With eyebrows, only individual hair are able to do a natural aesthetic appearance. An area anaesthetic is applied to the donor area before the extraction process.
The transplant begins: The receiving area (eyebrows) is then also anaesthetized locally. The Implant Pen is employed for transplanting hair follicles, taking into consideration the correct angle and direction of hair growth. This process is additionally essential for achieving an aesthetic appearance.
Recovery and follow up care: A bandage is applied the day after the procedure to confirm that the hair follicles are correctly attached to the skin tissue and to avoid other medical complications. We are going to notify you of the correct take care of your newly transplanted hair and make a schedule for any habits or behaviours you wish to watch within the coming weeks or months. (For example, avoid direct sunlight on the world for 2 months and avoid cutting or rubbing excessively for the primary month.)
Monitoring results after brow transplant the method of growing newly grafted eyebrows is that the same as for a hair transplant procedure. Within 15 days of the procedure, the patient may experience a brief condition called loss of shock. Over the subsequent three months, the patient will notice noticeable hair growth. Results are often observed for the following 8-12 months after the procedure.

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