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Sometimes in our existence, within the relationships we establish with people, the part people pay the foremost attention to is our face, mouth and smile. For this reason, icons like Hollywood actors who owe their lives and careers to this smile, their mouth and tooth structure are admired and modeled by people. In aesthetic dentistry, the term “Hollywood Smile“ was coined to clarify this impressive smile.
Thanks to its popularity, additionally to being popular among dentistry services, it’s become a type of art by bringing a fresh dimension to classical dentistry. During this fashion, you’ll haven’t only a fairly smile, but also a bit of art.
The priority within the Hollywood Smile service is to style the foremost appropriate smile in light of the personal criteria set by our patients. Once the design is ready, the procedures to be applied will become clear. Before proceeding to the procedures, let’s discuss the golden rules of this method determined by dentists.

What are the Golden Rules of Hollywood Smile Design?

Teeth: The upper front teeth should be even and can not contain any visible fillers. Upper incisors should be front and apparent compared to the other teeth.
Lips: They should be symmetrical and prominent.
Gingiva: The proper appearance of the gingiva at the best is 2mm, and also the gingival color should be compatible your skin tone.
Lip width: It should be half the width of the face.
Smile line: Editing the road opposite your smile line.
Material quality: It is important to use dental veneer materials closest to the natural appearance with high light transmittance.

Hollywood Smile Using Veneers


A perfect white smile, i.e. Hollywood Smile, is achievable using veneers when the patient’s teeth are generally of sound quality, including the chipped ones, or having fillings or yellow colouring. A wonderful number of celebrities will undergo this procedure. However, in practice, a typical situation is that a patient would like a Hollywood Smile treatment using veneers, but are unaware that their teeth aren’t healthy enough, or properly aligned, or sufficient in number to wear veneers. The necessity is that each one teeth including molars are present which they’re properly laid out. If they are not, we recommend getting fixed braces beforehand.

We take immense pleasure in creating a Hollywood Smile for patients using veneers, because it is the least amount invasive procedure possible which provides a motivating transformation to your smile. But really, we do not seem to be providing opportunity fairly often.

What varieties of Problems Do Dental Veneers Fix

  • That are discolored either due to passageway treatment; stains from tetracycline or other drugs, excessive fluoride or other causes; or the presence of enormous resin fillings that have discolored the tooth
  • Teeth that are worn down
  • That are chipped or broken
  • That are misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped (for example, have craters or bulges in them)
  • Teeth with gaps between them (to close the space between these teeth)

How Does The Procedure Work?

Veneers are thin shells that mimic the front of the teeth structure wise. These structures last the front of teeth to hide aesthetic problems within the smile.
In order to put the structures in place, your dentist will file down your teeth and remove the enamel layer. This creates room for the veneers to be secured on the tooth using cement creating an exterior of perfection.
The structures are customized as per your needs. Meaning, while they’re made within the lab they’ll be crafted supported the measurements your doctor took of your mouth.
Before commencing with veneer placement, your doctor will correct any present issues like cavities or inflammation. After getting treatment you’ll schedule another appointment for veneer placement.
The procedure occurs under anaesthesia, so you’ll not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.


How to ensure of Your Veneers?

Practicing oral care is incredibly important. Brushing and flossing your teeth optimally 3 times daily is incredibly helpful. Always try and avoid exposing your veneers to excessive forces.
We advise you to avoid clenching and grinding your teeth at any time.
Another helpful tip is to attenuate staining factors like drinking many tea, coffee, or wine.
Most of the tooth care routine applies to your situation after you get your Hollywood Smile. you will be ready to make certain of your teeth as was common.

Aftercare For Hollywood Smile

To keep the pearly glow of a Hollywood Smile you have got have to be compelled to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. you’ve got have to be compelled to floss and brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily. you want to also ensure there are not any food particles stuck in between the structures because this might end in inflammation, pain, and discomfort. Furthermore, it can affect the veneers. you will be able to also use an antibacterial mouthwash to remain your smile in fine condition.

Benefits Of Hollywood Smile

  • It boosts your confidence and rids you of self-doubt.
  • Enhances your social life and allows you to prosper both socially and professionally.
  • Natural results of a pearly smile.
  • Long-lasting

Results of a Hollywood Smile

Results are immediate and natural looking. you’ll notice a drastic transformation in various aspects of your smile. From the alignment of your teeth, to their pearly glow and excellent measurements.

If you’re taking care of your Hollywood Smile, the results can last for up to a decade or a decade and a half.

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