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It is easy to look at many Hollywood celebrities and think how lucky they are to be blessed with such great teeth. However the reality is that they have probably spent thousands and thousands of dollars to make their teeth look so perfect. So how can you get the same Hollywood smile yourself?

Well unless your teeth are perfectly straight to begin with, then I’m afraid you will have to spend some money at the beginning. This could involve getting braces to straighten the teeth and bring them into line, or it could simply involve adding crowns and bridges to individual teeth, and filling in any gaps between certain teeth.
A Hollywood smile is that perfect glittering smile that comes out just as perfect as it is intended to. Many Hollywood celebrity stars have often been shown to have what they like to call a million dollar smile. Perfectly aligned, equally sized teeth that just radiate with elegance making the smile as brilliant as the stars up in the skies.

These smiles do not just come easy they involve a lot of hard work such as whitening, flossing, and dental cosmetic procedures. There can be more procedure like smile enhancements, those that work on those facial muscles that are involved in making a smiley face.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

They help to boost your self-image and therefore to make you more confident.

First impressions last long and you only get one chance to make this first impression, with the perfect Hollywood smile this is a direct score for you.
Having a great smile means having great oral hygiene hence becoming generally healthy.

We all love the admiration of others and with that comes popularity and fame, a sure way to have these is through a great smile, hence having a great social life.
The procedure of getting a Hollywood smile.

The procedure is often different for different people, but the ultimate end of it is giving one a celebrity smile. Depending on the amount of work to be done the procedure can take an average time of one hour. It involves:

  • Observation to help decide the right process, these are the shape of your teeth, and the best shade on them.
  • Then the teeth are made ready for veneering, which is done involves adjustment of a bit of the outer enamel on the teeth.
  • The fixing of the Componeer brilliant, this is fixed with the same structural components of the enamel completely securing them on the teeth. Resizing and any adjustments are done at this stages as the veneer becomes wholly fixed.
  • Polishing of the teeth is the final step.
  • To get this beautiful star smile your teeth must also glitter and laser teeth whitening is one of the procedures that precede for those with discolored teeth. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to remove plaques on a discolored tooth.
  • Also refilling of missing frontal teeth are done to help with the smile. For a great stunning smile to be there all the frontal teeth must be intact and perfect.

What is the Cost of a Hollywood smile?

The cost is really affordable, and long gone are the days when such procedures were for the privileged. Just as discussed above the process may vary from one individual to another depending on the number of processes to be done on them. However, the ultimate goal of getting that gorgeous smile is achieved at an affordable cost discount are also offered.

How Can You Get A Perfect Hollywood Smile?

Such a unique procedure can only be entrusted with the best in dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry. To get this celebrity-like smile you have to do a research on the best available doctors who will deliver and one with experience on such procedures. They are few of these and only the top licensed ones are what I would suggest you go for.

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