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How Is Beard Transplantation Done Using DHI Method

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Beard Transplantation or as it is called “Beard loss” is an operation performed for those that have lost a moustache and for those that don’t have a beard to possess thick beards. It may also be applied to mustaches. With beard and mustache transplantation, the person can do the specified appearance.

Hair transplantation using DHI technique

As in hair transplantation, we use DHI technique in beard transplant. the foremost important reason why we use the DHI technique in beard transplant operations is that there’s no incision on the face during the operation. during this way, the chance of harm to the vessels and nerves on the face is minimized. After the DHI beard transplant operation, no permanent scars are formed.

In DHI beard transplantation, hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area (the hairy area behind the 2 ears at the rear of the head). Then it’s transferred to the areas where there’s no beard with a Choi implanter. Transplantation should be disbursed by taking under consideration the angle and growth direction of the beards during the operation. DHI beard transplantation is performed with anesthesia. there’s no serious pain during the operation.

Use of DHI Method in Beard Transplantation

The DHI method consists of two stages. First, your doctor collects the grafts. the well-liked area at this stage is sometimes the nape.

In the second stage, grafts are planted with the Choi implanter pen. Each graft has two or three hair follicles. the ultimate appearance requested by the patient in beard transplantation may vary betting on factors like the width of the donor area. in an exceedingly SOP, 1500 to 2500 grafts are sufficient for a natural appearance.

Choi implanter pen

The Choi implanter pen could be a medical tool during which the assistants place the grafts, while the doctor performs the grooving and graft placement on the scalp at the identical time. With a cylindrical tip, this tool opens areas for the follicle to enter, minimizing tissue damage.

Choi implanter pen allows hairs to be placed more frequently in beard transplantation.
You will be dressed after planting. After the subsequent day, the primary washing process are done by the team.

Hair will be shed about 15-20 days after transplantation. This example differs in line with the physiological structure of the patient.

Our beards, which have grown from the third month, will begin to point out themselves fully. 75% of them will have grown by the time we reach the sixth month, and approximately 95% by the tip of a year.

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