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How Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done

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DHI hair transplantation is dole out in Este Pearl Clinic by transferring the grafts taken through the follicular unit extraction = FUE technique to the world desired employing a special pen (implanter pen). In FUE/FUT methods, after the grafts are extracted, the channels (incisions) are made within the skin with various tools, so the grafts are placed into these channels. In DHI hair transplantation, the channel isn’t opened. After the tip of the pen containing the graft penetrates the skin, the transplantation process is completed by sliding the graft into the skin.

Who is Eligible for DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplantation is applied to anyone who wants to possess a hair transplant operation. Patients who wish to own transplantation without shaving may first consider the DHI technique. In hair transplantation with other methods, higher graft numbers are often used. during this respect, the quantity of grafts that the patient will need should be considered within the patients who wish to own DHI, and therefore the decision should be made with the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Before deciding your hair transplant operation type, the foremost crucial step is to decide on a clinic which will be sure of you within the best way possible and always be with you after the operation.

What are the Pros and Cons of DHI Hair Transplantation?

  1. In DHI hair transplantation, there’s less bleeding than other transplantation methods where the incisions (channel) are made.
  2. it’s preferred by the patients who want unshaved transplantation and worry about cosmetic appearance.
  3. Wound healing after transplantation occurs some days sooner than other methods.
  4. it’s easier for inexperienced surgeons to angle and direct the hair.
  5. If over 3000 grafts are to be transferred, other methods can give more successful results.
  6. Although it’s stated in many sources that more intense transplantation will be achieved with DHI hair transplantation, our surgeons may easily reach the identical density in sapphire hair transplantation in Este Pearl Clinic.
  7. It is more costly because unique materials are employed in.
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