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Although the transplantation process is performed after shaving widely in hair transplantation operations, it is also possible to perform an unshaven hair transplant if appropriate methods are used. With this method, which is one of the next generation methods, the desired results are achieved without the need for a haircut.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

In recent years, the number of people having hair transplant operations is increasing rapidly. Emerging technological opportunities increase the success rate of hair transplant operations and to recover faster to normal view is to provide a sign that this number will continue to increase. There are some factors that prevent many people from making the decision to have a hair transplant. At the beginning of these operations in some of the natural appearance is not provided. In addition, the processes that disrupt the comfort such as late healing and the need to shave the hair also affect the decision of hair transplant.

In order to eliminate the need to shave the hair, which is one of the issues that prevent the natural appearance and comfort of life, unshaven hair transplantation has been developed and started to be applied in recent years. The most important reason for shaving hair before a hair transplant is to make physicians more comfortable. In hair that is shortened to 1mm, doctors are able to see the hair roots more easily and the mobility in the hair transplant area is increased. Unshaven hair transplantation method is very long in terms of duration, which requires more sensitive work than other hair transplant methods.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries which offer unshaven hair transplant. Thousands of people prefer having hair transplant without shaving due to its tempting advantages. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, we offer unshaven hair transplant with a high success rate. Our facility has experienced doctors and hair specialists in the field of hair transplant. Our priority is to satisfy the customers who come to Turkey for hair transplant operations.

Can Everyone Have Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Both men and women are eligible for a hair transplant. Unshaven hair transplants, which most people tend to have to keep the surgery private; or not shave their existing hair, are becoming increasingly favorable.
Furthermore, because it is more difficult for women to have completely shaved hair, an unshaven hair transplant is a far more popular option among females.
Unshaved hair transplantation, on the other hand, is not for everyone. If you have severe hair loss, you will not be able to undergo a no-shave hair transplant operation. Intense hair loss demands a much higher number of transplants than normal.

Therefore, if the patient is experiencing intense hair loss, an unshaven hair transplant might not be helpful. It is good to check your hair to see if a no-shave hair transplant is right.
An ideal candidate for an unshaven hair transplant has mild hair loss. Because unshaven hair transplantation can only be done in a small number of grafts, it cannot benefit patients with extensive hair loss.

Who Should Choose No-Shave Hair Transplant?

No-shave hair transplant is one of the most preferred methods. This method is especially preferred by women who don’t want to shave their hair. In general, the following individuals prefer this method the most.

  • Women with hair loss prefer the no-shave hair transplant method.
  • With unshaven hair transplantation, people with less hair on the top can have denser hair.
  • People who experience partial hair loss as a result of an illness or accident can have hair transplantation in these areas.
  • People with hair loss on the forehead can have unshaven hair transplantation.
  • People who do not have too much hair loss in the vertex may prefer this method.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation:

  • Eliminating the shaving option that is problematic fort he person.
  • Quic return to social life.
  • Wounds remain hidden after surgery.

Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation:

  • It can be applied to a narrow space. Since the donor site is limited itiş difficult to collect enough grafts for sowing. If we need more than 1.000 grafts to cover the open area, unshaven hair transplantation would be unreasonable as not enough grafts can be taken.
  • More suitable for people suffering from hair loss in a small area due to trauma, burns or the like.
  • Long hairs abstruct the view of the working area, making it difficult to determine the direction of planting.
  • When hair is not shaved, care and cleaning are difficult and the risk of infection increases. Folliculitis, called hair follicle inflammation is more common in unshaved hair transplantation.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation In Women

The procedure with this technique also gives successful results for women. This method is also used in necessary cases, since partial shaving is easier to apply during transplantation.

It is much more convenient for women to perform this procedure, since the hair must be above a certain length when performing an unshaven hair transplant. If the structure and depth of your hair roots are suitable for the transplantation process, unshaven hair transplantation can be performed.
DHI and FUE methods are used when hair transplantation is performed in women, as in men. What method will suit you will be determined by the doctor’s examinations and then the condition of the area where the hair transplant will be performed.

Unshaven hair transplant results

The first ten days after hair transplant without shaving, the roots are in the healing process. The most important indicator of this healing process is crusting. Crusting is a temporary process which will pass after repeated lotion wash.
You may experience itching due to newly emerging hair follicles trying to reach the skin surface. Between one to three months, depending on the person, you can experience shock hair loss. After the loss, your new hair begins to grow, and the phase is completed after six months.
Usually, no shave hair transplant results are as successful as other methods. At our clinics, we are responsible for the success of the operation. Almost all unshaven hair transplant results, which are in our doctor’s capable hands, are successful. We have a policy of 100% customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.


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