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Unshaven Hair Transplant, Surprisingly, one in all the aspects of the hair transplant that bothers potential candidates the foremost is neither sharp objects nor scars. Rather, they mostly hate the actual fact that they have to shave their hair for the surgery. And just that thing is enough to own them thinking twice about deciding to undertake the procedure just a small amount of hair.

Only that’s not just hair. Most of the people identify substantially with their hair. it’s an integral a part of how they give the impression of being. And for private and even professional reasons they’re reluctant to let alone of it. Excellent news for them is that, now, they won’t must. the foremost skilled hair transplant surgeons came up with a version of the FUE hair transplant procedure that skips that dreaded step.

The Unshaven Hair Transplant, also referred to as the Unshaven FUE hair transplant or simply the U-FUE hair transplant is your solution during this case.

As the name gives away, the procedure makes away with having to shave you so as to extract and implant the grafts. Nothing wanting a welcomed improvement for those that would consider about letting go of their mane. An unshaven hair transplant requires the very best level of skill from the surgeon part. Extracting the hair follicles from the scalp is already hard when with the hair shaved. Multiply that a lot of times when working with long, unshaven hair.

Luckily for anyone expecting to undergo this version of the procedure, only the foremost skilled surgeons offer it. Thanks to the character of the procedure, the surgeon will extract fewer grafts from the donor site. Also, the duration of the surgery increases quite an bit because of the actual fact that it takes longer to extract with unshaven hair. But the procedure could happen in an exceedingly number of various sessions also.

What is Unshaven FUE?

Commonly stated as Shave-less FUE, the Unshaven FUE method of hair restoration relies on moving healthy hair follicles from one donor area to a recipient area, in another place on the scalp. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which implies the particular hair follicles are removed and transplanted into the thinning area. There are numerous reasons why the Unshaven FUE method is preferred by those experiencing hair loss, and its popularity as a treatment is barely visiting continue evolving as more patients discover the advantages of such a comprehensive hair loss solution.

Can you get a hair transplant without shaving your head?

You won’t need to shave your entire head before getting a hair transplant. Doctor will only shave some of the rear of your scalp to create it easier to extract the healthy hair follicles. However, you’ll be able to cover the shaved portions along with your existing hair.

That being said, if the prospect of shaving your head causes you to pump the breaks on your plans, speak along with your doctor. In some individuals who are only treating alittle area, it should be possible to try and do a hair transplant without shaving a little of the top. However, this may make the procedure tougher and take a extended time to finish.

Who Should Choose No-Shave Hair Transplant?

  • No-shave hair transplant is one in every of the foremost preferred methods. This method is very preferred by women who don’t want to shave their hair. In general, the subsequent individuals prefer this method the foremost.
  • Women with hair loss prefer the no-shave hair transplant method.
  • Individuals with less hair on top can have denser hair with a no-shave hair transplant.
  • Person who experience partial hair loss thanks to a disease or accident can have a hair transplant in these areas.
  • Individuals with hair loss on the forehead can have a no-shave hair transplant.
  • Person without an excessive amount of hair loss on the vertex can prefer this method.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Costs

In this technique, operation prices change because of more labour and time requirement. Longer operation time and therefore the risk of success in hair transplant without shaving increases the no shave hair transplant costs naturally. The comfort of the patient and also the success of the operation is more important than the worth point. You’ll find the standard of service with expert staff in our centre.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Advantages

This technique doesn’t provide a plus for the doctor, while there are several no shave hair transplant advantages for the patient.

  • This technique camouflages the non-aesthetic postoperative appearance.
  • You do not need to surrender your existing hairstyle before and after the operation.
  • You can return to your way of life is far faster.
  • It prevents women from awaiting years to own their average hair length.
  • The technique became a preferred one which is tempting advantages. These advantages help people have a easier postoperative period.

Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation

  • It may be applied to a narrow space. Since the donor
  • site is restricted itiş difficult to gather enough grafts for sowing. If we’d like over 1.000 grafts to hide the open area, unshaven hair transplantation would be unreasonable as not enough grafts will be taken.
  • More suitable for people littered with hair loss in an exceedingly small area thanks to trauma, burns or variety.
  • Long hairs abstruct the view of the working area, making it difficult to work out the direction of planting.
  • When hair isn’t shaved, care and cleaning are difficult and also the risk of infection increases. Folliculitis, called follicle inflammation is more common in unshaved hair transplantation.
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