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What Are The Features Of The Choi Pen Used In DHI

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Choi Pen

The Choi Pen used in DHI hair transplantation are hollow and have a spring mechanism. This spring-loaded mechanism pushes the tip when pressed after it’s stretched, and it pierces the skin and leaves the graft inside. These pens were first developed for fine hair, specialized implanter pens for thick hair were also introduced to the market after ages.
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DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI hair transplantation is one in all the foremost preferred methods in hair transplantation today. The hair transplantation process is divided into two main phases with this technique: Extraction (Harvesting) and Implantation. It’s the method of placing grafts collected by FUE or FUT extraction techniques applied in other methods, within the area to be transplanted with selected devices called implanter pen. During this technique, which is additionally referred to as “Pen Technique”. Special equipment/pens with special fine tips are wont to transfer the graft on to the skin when the grafts are put into them one by one and pressed. This operation, which is additionally performed under the local anesthesia, requires more people to figure within the team than other hair transplantation techniques. Otherwise, the procedure lasts longer, therefore the number of grafts that may be transferred is proscribed in clinics that don’t have an oversized team specialized on DHI.

In DHI method hair within the area to be transferred may be transplanted without incisions, offers a definite advantage for people who worry about the looks after the hair transplantation thanks to their job, position and different reasons.

Implanter Pens

The implanter pens sometimes brought up as a “Choi Pen” began to be utilized in South Aisa 1980s. Towards the mid-2000s, some surgeons in Europe. Who couldn’t get the results they wanted, considered the DHI transplantation method an answer.

A replacement method perception was created thanks to these surgeons introducing this method in Europe. There’s no scientific study comparing DHI and sapphire FUE methods, so it’s not logical to rank one above the opposite.

Each method has its advantages. it’s not an appropriate method for each patient. The person’s eligibility for hair transplantation with the DHI hair transplantation technique is decided under the doctor’s control after an in depth anamnesis and examination. Proper patient selection for this method is critical. Its application to patients, who will need high graft numbers, may cause the operation to last very long. Therefore, it’s going to cause the standard of grafts left open for an extended time to lose their quality entirely or partially.

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