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What Is Neograft?

Neograft is that the latest technology for hair loss that’s making a splash. it’s a “state-of-the-art” solution for hair loss. It are often described because the very first FDA approved automated hair transplant system that’s minimally invasive. this technique doesn’t involve an incision from a scalpel, sutures or any style of linear scars. it’s the subsequent generation in hair restoration for both males and females.

If you’re distressed by hair loss then you’ll be pleased to get the new Neograft Hair Replacement System. this method can treat large areas of the pinnacle in a private session. it’s a faster recuperation time compared to other surgical hair transplant (or hair restoration) methods. The very next day you’ll get on your thanks to recovering from the procedure. the necessity for extra procedures is reduced because of this revolutionary modern system. It also reduces the prices that are related to manual follicle unit extraction (FUE) options.

This is a cosmetic surgery procedure that’s showing an amazing amount of promise. it’s a hair transplantation device that creates it possible for a physician to use an up-to-date kind of hair transplantation called FUE that has been shown through clinical studies to figure. When Neograft is combined with FUE the healthcare practitioner is ready to ensure that the hair transplants are placed in mere the proper areas because of new technology that has precision automated control and uses pneumatic pressure.

NeoGraft Benefits

NeoGraft is one in every of the latest and most advancedTrusted Source hair transplantation techniques. It’s a semi-automated version of the FUE technique that uses technology owned by Venus Treatments.

  • During FUE hair transplantation, a surgeon removes individual hair follicles manually either from the rear or sides of your head.
  • They then make a series of incisions within the balding sections of your scalp before implanting the new hairs.
  • When using the NeoGraft technique, hair follicles are removed with a wand that extracts them with suction.
  • The surgeon doesn’t have to make an incision for brand spanking new hair follicles and might instead use a special tool that creates the incisions and implants the follicles at the identical time.

Reduced follicle Damage

The NeoGraft system may reduce trauma and damage to hair follicles compared to traditional FUE and FUT surgeries. It’s thought this reduction of trauma can improve the survival rateTrusted Source of transplanted hairs.

Fewer Complications

Since this method is minimally invasive, it’s going to have a lower chance of surgical complication, especially compared to FUT surgery that involves cutting a strip of skin from your scalp.
NeoGraft doesn’t require any stitches or staples and also the automation helps remove human error that might cause damage to nerves or blood vessels.

Quicker Than FUE

NeoGraft surgery is additionally quicker than traditional FUE, which might take multiple days for an outsized number of grafts. consistent with Venus Treatments, a NeoGraft transplant usually takes between 4 and 10 hours.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

This procedure can take anywhere from four to 6 hours to complete. How long your procedure will take depends on what proportion hair restoration must be completed. we are able to provide you with an improved idea of what to expect regarding how long your procedure will take once you have got been evaluated during your initial consultation. However, we recommend clearing your schedule for the whole day of your NeoGraft hair transplant so you don’t feel stressed about being on time for a rendezvous later within the day.

Will This Procedure Hurt?

Besides being incredibly efficient, this procedure is totally pain-free. Before your procedure begins, we’ll use anesthesia to numb the donor and recipient areas completely. reckoning on your health and also the medications you are taking regularly, we can also provide you with an oral sedative and oral analgesic. This procedure is so comfortable many patients go to sleep because it is being performed.

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