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Hair Loss Myths

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You’ve probably heard it all “Don’t use conditioner if you have got oily hair” or “If you chop your hair frequently, it’ll grow faster” – these long- standing hair myths are accepted as scientific facts. Trust us once we say there’s plenty of pretend news about how you ought to be sure of your hair. We frequently have misconceptions about hair loss and its reasons. There are such a lot of old women stories and straightforward lies that it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. How does one know which of them are fake and which aren’t? We’re here to assist and spread some common myths about hair for good!
According to the National Institutes of Health, the foremost worrying thing about these myths is that they will limit dermatologist prescriptions’ effectiveness. Here are some common myths to assist you understand hair loss causes and obtain effective treatment as soon as possible.

Myth: Washing your hair a day causes you to fall even more

Hair Loss Myths

Fact: Not only is that untrue, but it’s also the opposite! If your hair feels oily daily, it’s best to scrub it to stop excess sebum from blocking your follicles. The hair that falls out when washing is prepared to fall. This loss has nothing to try to to together with your bathing habits! While showering won’t cause hair loss, always use products that won’t damage or irritate your scalp.
If your hair loss is severe, you’ll have to change your shampoo and choose a milder shampoo for your hair. But don’t neglect to scrub your hair if necessary.

Myth: it’s better to air dry your hair than to dry it.

Fact: Believe it or not, this can be right and wrong. While protecting your strands from daily hot air currents is very recommended, it’s also not an honest idea to air dry them a day. In step with a recent study, drying hair causes more damage to the hair’s surface, but air-drying causes more damage to the strands themselves, which may worsen (shock as we all know it).
This is because if your hair is exposed to water for an extended period, it’ll swell and put pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact, potentially causing more damage than hot styling. Your best bet? Use the bottom temperature setting on your dryer (or keep it a minimum of 6 inches faraway from your hair) and keep moving the dryer so you don’t take too long to concentrate the warmth in one place.

Myth: Only men are susceptible to hair lossHair Loss Myths

Fact: Archaic argues that hair loss only affects men. Have you ever heard women complain about hair loss? Baldness or hair loss doesn’t differentiate by gender. The most factors causing hair loss in women are thanks to hormonal changes or thyroid problems. It also can be the results of daily maintenance to balance homework and office life. Because of their busy schedules, women tend to eat less or skip meals, which also are causes of baldness.

Myth: Hair loss is said to age

Fact: Hair loss can occur in adolescents and is common between the ages of 20 and 30. This doesn’t mean that you just are old, especially if you’re healthy and may function as someone your age. If you’re disease-free only, then you’ve got it; hair loss isn’t age-related.

Myth: Comb More for Healthier Hair

Fact: You’ve probably heard stories about combing your hair 100 times since you were a toddler, but this is often likely to form sure you sweep your hair more often. But the fact could be a little different from what you think that because it’s not necessary to comb your hair to cause damage and particularly wet hair. Just remember, don’t comb your hair immediately after shampooing it. Let your hair dry thoroughly, then comb it. And to safeguard your hair in the least times, wash the within clean, then go up the scalp.Hair Loss Myths


Everyone contains a different texture and hair type. So please dispel all myths and stop believing in them. Remember that sharing is important. The subsequent time you hear a disciple or roommate at the gym repeating this tired myth, don’t be afraid to share your knowledge.
If any or all of those myths sound too familiar, it’s time to depart the wife story alone and progress to higher hair care tips that job. Every hair texture and sort requires a selected hair care change, but hair care basics apply to everyone it’s not almost hair. The scalp is a necessary a part of healthier, shiny, and fuller hair.

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